Thirty Years of Solaria Binaria

Solaria Binaria, the book, published in 1984

Thirty years ago, in 1984, Solaria Binaria: Origins and History of the Solar System, was published, together with The Burning of Troy and Cosmic Heretics, completing Alfred de Grazia's ten volume Quantavolution Series. Solaria Binaria had been written together with Earl R. Milton, in several intense work sessions between 1978 and 1983, in Washington D.C., Princeton N.J. and Naxos, Greece.

In celebration of this anniversary, for the pleasure of Electric Universe buffs and in honor of the ongoing SAPHIRE EXPERIMENT, we are offering here three unconventional readings on the thermic mechanisms powering the Sun, which are still confronting scientists with vexing puzzles...

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Gunnar Heinsohn's Latest: The Winchester of Alfred the Great and the Haithabu of his voyager Wulfstan: were they separated by 700 years?

alfred the great

„The voyage of Wulfstan may be considered Alfred’s own work“ (Hakluyt 1893). The most serious problem, however, with Alfred the Great’s writings on Wulftsan is neither attached to Haithabu/Hedeby (Wulfstan’s port of departure)  nor to Truso 1(Wulfstan’s destination)  but to his own capital, Venta Belgarum/Winchester. No palace, not even a small hut with a desk to translate Paulus Orosius and to write about Wulfstan, has ever been found in the capital of  Anglo-Saxon Wessex.
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Mega-Streams of the Atlantic

atlantic streams

Carried by mighty streams in the North-Atlantic, the equivalent of twenty times the waters of all the rivers on Earth plunge deep into the oceanic depths. Scientists have no doubts about this. But there is a problem: nobody has yet observed these giants at work. And the longer the search, the more mysterious they appear. 
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The Ice Age Flute - the oldest music instrument ever recovered

Nicholas Conard with Ice Age Flute

The team around paleontologist Nicholas Conard has accumulated in recent years superlative Ice Age finds from the caves of the Swabian Jura. Among them, a flute dated to 35,000 BP, the oldest deliberately fabricated music instrument ever found.

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Understanding and forecasting solar eruptions

solar eruption

A magnetic cord emerging from the inside of the Sun is associated with the appearance of a sun spot. This structure plays an important role in the triggering of an eruption. By characterizing the transition towards an eruption, this opens the door to a forecast of solar storms which affect Earth.

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Earth's weakening magnetic field

"Swarm" satellite

Three satellites of the European Space Agency (Esa) have measured the magnetic field of Earth more precisely than ever before. For a good purpose – our defence against harmful particle storms from space has been weakening of late...

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Anne-Marie de Grazia: my encounter with a bolide

bolide september 7th 2014

One month ago, on September 7th, the editor of Q-MAG.org was a witness to the spectacular entry of a meteorite crossing the sky above Southern France. A few hours later, an NEO asteroid grazed Earth over New Zealand and the same day, a strange crater appeared in Nicaragua... 

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Answer to Michael Baillie: Archeological Strata vs Tree-Rings: proposal for an experiment

Tree-ring-daters do not agree on the number of years that can be substantiated for the 1st millennium CE. The majority is convinced that they have 1,000 characteristic rings that prove the 1,000 years required for a millennium, confirmed down to the last second by C14 (see below). Therefore, they are convinced that scholars living after the year 1000 CE had all the instruments available to construct the chronology from 1-1000 CE as dendro-chronologists find them in their textbooks...
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See also: A Carbon-14 Chronology

bristle-cone pines irish oaks phantom years

The Controversy: Michael Baillie: Tree Ring and Radiocarbon Rebuttal of Gunnar's Phantom Time Hypothesis


To whom it may concern.
Those who discuss the’ phantom time’ hypothesis enjoy semantic games with historical documents. However, scientists have their own approach to issues of chronology.
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Gunnar Heinsohn's Latest: The Goths of the 4th Century and the Getae of the 1st Century: were they one and the same?

Since the Gothic-Getic cultures of Wielbark-Vistula and of Sântana de Mureș-Chernyakhov are contemporary, its 5,000 known sites were not annihilated by Huns (entering alliances with Goths) but struck simultaneously by the global conflagration that wiped out Rome and the ca 5,000 towns and cities (plus many of ca. 20,000 villae rusticae) of the Imperium Romanum. That devastation did not occur three times: in the 230s in Italy, in the 530s around Constantinople, and in the 930s in the Slavic Northeast (plus the Scandinavian Northwest and the Mesopotamian Southeast). Actually, we are looking at just one cataclysm that occurred, according to stratigraphy, simultaneously everywhere around the 930s CE.
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Cyprus Salt Lakes exonerate "Sea Peoples" from destroying Late Bronze Age civilizations

Cyprus salt lake

"...Climate shift caused crop failures, death and famine, which precipitated or hastened socio-economic crises and forced regional human migrations at the end of the Late Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean and southwest Asia.”
Other evidence has been found of a climate shift in sea surface temperatures and a two degree Celsius drop around the same time in the northern hemisphere...

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Alfred de Grazia dies (Dec. 29, 1919 - July 13, 2014)

  • Naxos Stelida Alfred de Grazia
  • Alfred de Grazia
  • alfred de grazia - funeral
Pity the Mourners

Pity the mourners, not the dead.
Mourning is worse than dying.
Calculating the sadness and tears, 
the forlorn reaching for the dead,
I hardly dare to die. It would be
an imposition upon friend and family.

But they ought esteem more the
trouble I take to outlive them, 
to keep them happy and chattering
about my faults:
“What silly thing will he do next?”
(Short of dying, of course,
than which nothing is worse
save the mourning that follows.)
Alfred de Grazia
From: Twentieth-Century Firesale

A Stone Ax from Doggerland - In Sight of Doggerland

Bruine Bank, an area in the North Sea, is known to fishermen for mainly two things: the excellent catch rates when the weather is cold – and the bones, mammoth teeth, and even artefacts which frequently get caught in the nets and often cause annoying tears...

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The exact date of the deaths of Patroclus and Hector: was it June 6th-7th, 1218 BC?

provensen-hector's death

A new astronomical dating for the end of the Trojan War, by Stavros Papamarinopoulos. 

"A solar eclipse's evolution was described in the Iliad in a stepwise mode manifested in increasing gradual darkness, during a warm day at late noon, from the time of Sarpedon's death to the time of Patroclus' death...

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Libyan rock-art erased by Jihadists

libya - rock art - tadrart acacus

In the desert of the Tadrart Acacus, in Southwestern Libya, rock art dated as far back as 12,000 BC stands as witness to a rich African fauna and to human settlement long gone. Now, it is falling victim to a political catastrophe, as occupying Jihadist fighters are erasing all traces of human history in this area which they claim as their own.

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The tsunami which obliterated Doggerland

Doggerland - tsunami- storegga slide

Doggerland, now submerged under the North Sea, was the “True Heart of Europe” in the Mesolithic. It disappeared 8,000 years ago, destroyed by a tsunami triggered by the Störegga Landslide. A new computer simulation presented in Vienna is trying to get a closer view of the event.

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Miles below ground, live the creatures of the Deep

bacteria miles below ground

Miles below the Earth’s surface, mysterious living beings are prospering – nobody can explain how they can survive in such depth. Genetic analysis reveals that the critters are all the same, the world over. Might they have been at the origin of life itself?

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Navigation systems of migratory birds suffer from electromagnetic fields

v-formation - birds

Electromagnetic radiation confuses migratory birds – they lose their orientation. Even weak waves can bring them off the right path.

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Gunnar Heinsohn's latest (4):
Charlemagne's correct place in history

Charlemagne (coin)

Charlemagne (“768-814” CE) is the most towering and intensively researched figure in all of European history. Yet, even today he still surprises even the most erudite scholars of history and archaeology. Historians are convinced that he was made Imperator Augustus on Christmas day in “800” CE. Archaeologists would not dare to deviate from that sanctified number by even one week.

However, in the most comprehensive excavations of a Carolingian residence, the palace at Ingelheim (occupied from the 8th to the 10 th c. CE), they are staggered by a building complex that – down to the water supply, and up to the roofing  – was “based on antique designs” (Research 2009), and, therefore, appears to be a reincarnation of 700-year-older Roman outlines from the 1st to 3rd c. CE. 

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The petroglyphs of Mount Bégo

Mont Bego - petroglyph

80 km to the North of Nice, in Southern France, the holy mountain of the God of Thunder, with 40,000 petroglyphs...

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The petroglyph sundial of Mount Bégo

Mount Bégo: an electrical mountain

Mont Bego

Farewell, Bob Bass!

The Dead of the Kirschbaum Cave 
Three Burials, Three Millennia

The remains of at least seven humans, and sundry animals, domestic and wild, lay in a narrow karstic cave in Franconia (Northern Bavaria) – they date back to three different epochs: the Neolithic, the early Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Scientists are puzzled. 

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Alfred de Grazia awarded the Legion of Honor

  • Alfred de Grazia
  • Alfred de Grazia
  • Alfred de Grazia
  • Alfred de Grazia's Légion d'Honneur

On December 29, 2013, Alfred de Grazia celebrated his 94th birthday with a gathering of mistletoe and a walk along the river Huisne. Two days later, on December 31, 2013, by Presidential Decree, he was named a Chevalier (Knight) of the Legion of Honor, France's highest order of distinction. 

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