Controlling Hurricanes

Here is an 8 minutes digest of a one hour documentary film made by Cogent/Benger for Canadian Television in 2007 on HOW TO STOP A HURRICANE? The digest is poorly made, but there is no full version otherwise available on the web. It contains a few minutes of an interview of Russian scientist Vladimir Pudov, formerly of the Soviet "Typhoon" project at the Institute of Experimental Meteorology in Obninsk, Russia.

Vladimir Pudov

Vladimir Pudov, a Russian scientist, secretly did extensive work on this topic in the 1980's. Recently declassified documents reveal that he sought a substance to dissolve in the ocean and cool the water temperature. He claims to have developed the ideal compound: a low cost, ecologically safe, fine white powder called carmidol. “Carmidol suppresses evaporation by no less than sixty-five percent,” he says. “This leads to a decrease of water-air temperature difference and a decrease of the energy flow into the hurricane.”

"Man vs Nature: Weather Modification in the 21st Century," by Saviz Sepah, Harvard Science Review// winter 2002 #39

The video

The Harvard Science Review article

A 2007 Q-Conference paper