Ewald Ernst: Toppling Rome's Obelisks and Aqueducts

Ewald Ernst's article

Trevor Palmer – referring to ancient historians such as Eutropius or Aurelius Victor - offers us a line of Roman and Byzantine emperors from Septimus Severus to Maurice, whose chronological sequence is not once put into doubt. In 2014, for Palmer, Augustus has been dead for exactly 2000 years. Palmer does acknowledge local earthquakes and floods in various towns such as Rome and Antioch, but is not inclined to accept a global catastrophe...

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A Comment on Trevor Palmer's Review of Gunnar Heinsohn's new 1st Millennium AD chronology

Gunnar Heinsohn: 2nd answer to Trevor Palmer: Did European civilization collapse three times during the 1st Millennium AD? 

Ewald Ernst

Ewald Ernst

Ewald Ernst (*1945; Berlin) majored, in 1973, in architecture at RWTH-Aachen-University, Germany’s leading institute of technology. During his studies as well as in his professional career as an construction engineer he had the chance to visit the most important Greek and Roman sites in Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa and the Near East. He specialized in ancient Roman architecture, building technologies, and construction materials (hydraulic cement, wall elements etc.). He pioneered in researching Roman settlements east of the Limes (2006 lecture on “Roman buldings on the Weser River“). In 2008 he received government permission to excavate the „Hohlweg [ravine] an der Grossen Egge“ (Teutoburg Forest) through which a Roman street had passed. (See here and here.) 

(The First Millennium A.D. Chronology Controversy)