Robert W. Bass (1930-2013)

We thank Leroy Ellenberger who communicated to us news of Robert W. Bass' passing, which reached him on December 19, 2013:

"This afternoon I received an email from George F. Bass at Texas A&M informing me of his brother Bob's [] death recently:
"received a call a few hours ago from a Fort Worth medical officer who informed me that Bob had died, presumably of natural causes, at his home. After being informed by neighbors that his newspapers weren’t collected for a couple of days, police entered his home and found him in his bedroom. . . ."

Bob's self-description:
A professionally-trained mathematician in the fields of ordinary nonlinear differential equations & topological dynamics, and a brazenly SUPERFICIAL amateur in various fields of engineering & theoretical physics, who, nevertheless, has a track-record of occasional “beginner’s luck” in several pioneering innovations pertaining to control & estimation theory, empirical system identification, & plasma-stabilization.

He was a Rhodes Scholar, a brilliant mathematician with diplomas from Oxford University, Johns Hopkins and Princeton University, and a reputation which reached beyond the US. We remember how surprised we were to discover that among our mathematician friends of Eastern Europe, he was almost a household name!

Robert W. Bass was intensely busy with various projects during the past year, witness this video which he posted on YouTube:
Rediscovery of Lost Secret of Moray Radiant Energy System

Or this one, in a business suit and real scary, about an earlier endeavor in the field of space-weapons...:
Hex Specs

His biography and articles can be found on his website: