• Stones Falling from Heaven

    A short historic survey of meteoritic falls and their reception in science, prior to the fall at L'Aigle in 1803, by Anne-Marie de Grazia.
  • Biot's Bio

    A short biography of Jean-Baptiste Biot, French physicist (1774-1862)
  • A precise chronology of Exodus

    an article by flavio barbiero proposing a precise chronology of exodus by using genealogies in a rational manner and hypothesizing a solar eclipse to account for the plague of darkness.
  • What happened on July 21, 365 A.D.?

    An earthquake and tsunami in the Mediterranean described by various Greco-Roman authors turns out to have been an event of staggering dimensions, which might repeat itself...
  • Venus and a Cosmic Serpent in Papua-New Guinea

    Reflexions of anthropologist Maurice Godelier about sacred objects among the Baruy tribe of Papua-New Guinea reveal the importance given by this tribe only recently emerged from the Stone Age to Venus and to a cosmic serpent.
  • Origins of biophotonics

    early discovery of biophotons by Russian scientist Alexander Gruwitsch, a light inherent in all living organisms which he called "mitogenetic radiation;"
  • The light of all life

    German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp has proven the existence of light - biophotons - in living organisms, consituting a coherent magnetic field. This may be the means by which cells communicate with each other inside the organism.
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