• Earthquake Lights

    electricity; seisms; atmospheric phenomena; ball lightning; precursor signs earthquakes;
  • Scientists criticize the UN Climate Report

    greenhouse gases; IPCC conference; global warming; limate simulations; increasing numbers of hurricanes; WMO; ocean levels rising; permafrost; weather models; reliability of computer models; zombie-science;
  • Controlling Hurricanes

    A short video which is a digest of one hour documentary made for Canadian Broadcasting Company. It contains a few minutes of an interview of Russian scientist Vladimir Pudov.
  • Man-made earthquakes

    Some 200 big earthquakes so far are thought to have been provoked by human activity
  • Doggerland lost

    Doggerland, "the heart of Europe" in the Mesolithic, now covered by the waters of the North Sea, was much larger than previously thought, and reached from Scotland to Denmark, and from France to Ireland. It was destroyed by a tsunami in 6100 BC.
  • Germany: a danger of volcanic eruptions?

    An article about the possibility of volcanic eruptions in the Eifel massive, bordering the Rhine, in an aerea with many chemical and nuclear plants and heavily settled.
  • Fukushima: Silenced Truth

    An article by a French researcher on the spot, setting straight certain truths about the Fukushima disaster
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