Fukushima: Application of the Thermal Effect of the Atmosphere Ionization for Remote Diagnostics of the Radioactive Pollution of the Atmosphere

by Prof. N.P. Laverov, Prof. Sergey Pulinets, Prof. D.P. Uzunov

We thank Prof. Sergey Pulinets for sharing with us the following paper after the publication in January in Q-Mag.org of our article on the Fukushima catastrophe.

Sergey Pulinets

Head of the Moscow Center of Ionosphere Monitoring at Fiodorov Institute of Applied Geophysics, in Moscow, Russia. He is also Principal Researcher at the Space Research Institute in Moscow. Sergey is a world expert on earthquake forecasting through the monitoring of ionospheric precursors.

Sergey Pulinets (at the Great Wall of China): We live in an electrical environment. We never think about this, but when you're standing here, it is a vertical electric field which has a gradient of 100 to 150 volts per meter. So, between the top of your head and your legs, you have a potential difference of 220 volts, like a power source...

Interview: A Multi-Parameter Approach to Earthquake Forecasting

This interview of Sergey Pulinets appeared in the April 22, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. (Larouche Publications). It took place at the occasion of the European Geosciences Conference in Vienna, April 4-8, 2011, where Sergey Pulinets was a speaker. Dr. Pulinets was interviewed during the conference by Daniel Grasenack-Tente of the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement (BüSo), the German political party of the LaRouche movement.


Here video of the interview of Sergey Pulinets by Daniel Grasenack-Tente.